5 comments on “Do I matter?

  1. This post is amazing. I am a HUGE fan of Stormii. The Christian Myth is that giving your life to Christ makes everything better. And what I love about Stormii is, she isn’t afraid to challenge that myth. She shares with us the same thoughts we all have, but just are afraid to say. This post explains to us that there WILL be trouble in this life. Even as a Christian! But God keeps you through it all. Stormii has taught me that, God is not only the God OF the Storm, He’s the God IN the Storm. Stormii keeps it REAL!

    Go Stormii!!!

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    • Your words have confirmed my journey, I have asked God to show me my path and what it is he wants me to do, he told me to speak my truth, thank you for allowing him to use you as confirmation. Blessings!!!


  2. Wow Do I matter? This post along with the others are amazing I can definitely relate to this post. I’ve often asked my self this very question. God has truly given u a talent and vision continue to speak your truth you are making a difference. And giving ppl something to think and pray about.
    Fan of Stormii

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